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Hartwell Georgia
Hartwell Georgia

The Hart County Chamber of Commerce operates a full-time office located in the renovated Teasley-Holland House at 31 East Howell Street in Hartwell.

Office hours are Monday-Friday, 8:30a.m.- 5:00p.m.

Hart County Chamber of Commerce
P.O. Box 793, Hartwell, GA 30643
Phone: 706-376-8590
Fax: 706-376-5177
Email: hartchamber@hartcom.net

Chamber Staff:
Nicki Meyer, Director 

The Hart County Chamber's mission is to lead the business and agriculture community by serving as their advocate, promoting our region, enhancing the business climate, and providing quality membership programs and services.

The Hart County Chamber of Commerce:
*        Seeks to improve the quality of life for our community by 
          assisting and promoting business and industry.
*        Serves as an informational center that collects, compiles, 
          and distributes descriptive information and statistics regarding
          all aspects of our community.
*        Serves as a liaison between the business community and
          government and is involved in planning and promoting economic
*        Provides a welcome for prospective newcomers, both business
          and individual, to assist them with information about our
*        Markets our community's attractions, accommodations, and 
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Become a Hart County Chamber of Commerce Member!

The Hart County Chamber Membership Application is located at:

Hart County Chamber of Commerce Annual Membership Investment Schedule Manufacturers/Processors & Service/Retail Businesses - Based on the number of employees in Hart County. (two part-time employees equal one full-time).

1 - 9 employees                         $100.00
10- 24 employees                       $175.00
25-49 employees                        $250.00
50-99 employees                        $325.00
100-249 employees                    $400.00
250-499 employees                    $475.00
500-749 employees                    $550.00
750-1000 employees                  $625.00
Over 1000 employees                 $700.00

Professionals - Includes accountants, attorneys, dentists, doctors,optometrists, veterinarians, etc. - $125.00 initial professional membership, plus $50.00 each additional professional membership

Real Estate/Insurance Companies/Investment Brokers - Includes licensedinsurance agent or real estate broker - $125.00 initial membership, plus$50.00 each additional agent/broker membership

Bank/Savings & Loans/Finance Companies - Based on the total assets for theHartwell Branch as of the last calendar year end financial statement

Under $10 million                      $250.00
$10 up to $25 million                 $750.00
$25 up to $50 million                 $1,000.00
$50 up to $100 million               $1,250.00        
Over $100 million                      $1,500.00

Public Utilities - $500 Base + $10.00 per 100 accounts in Hart County

Civic Clubs/Service Organizations - $50.00

Individuals: Non-Business Related - $35.00 each, $50.00 for married couple

Special Memberships - City, County, State & Federal Government Agencies, GA Mountains Private Industry Council, Hart-Franklin Industries, Hart State Park, Toccoa Rehabilitation Industries, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Business located outside of Hart County - $100.00 each or as negotiated 

The Chamber of Commerce provides benefits for businesses as well as individual members by:

*        Offering an insurance plan through Purchasing Alliance Solutions
*        Distributing a monthly newsletter to publicize events, promotions,
          and other information about Hart County.
*        Administering the "Our Town" gift certificate program.
*        Representing our community at regional and state economic
          development meetings.
*        Sponsoring the annual Eggs & Issues Breakfast giving the
          community the opportunity to hear from their elected officials.
*        Promoting local business retention and expansion by discussing
          the wants, needs, and perceptions of Hart County as an economic
*        Joining with the University of Georgia Small Business Development
         Center in offering business consultation services.
*        Providing opportunities for business networking by coordinating
          business-after-hours meetings.
*        Answering request for relocation packages and tourist
*        Administering the Star Student / Teacher program each year for
          Hart County.
*        Sponsoring the annual Chamber fundraiser.