downtown hartwell, ga

City of Hartwell Sanitation Department

The City of Hartwell Sanitation Department consists of eight employees. The City is the sole provider of solid waste collection within the city limits.

Residential Solid Waste Collection

Residential garbage is collected at curbside once a week. The price for collection is $16.63 a month, which is charged to the utility bill.

One 90-gallon Poly-kart is furnished at no charge. There is also no additional charge for an extra kart, just another collection fee.

For Regulations Click Here

Call 1-706-376-4756 if you have any questions or need information.

Commercial Solid Waste Collection

The city of Hartwell's Sanitation Department is the sole collector of commercial solid waste within the city limits (excluding special waste that cannot be handled by the department).

The Sanitation Department provides ninety-five gallon carts and 4, 6, or 8 cubic yard dumpsters at no charge to the customer.

Rates for trash pick-ups appear on monthly bills as follows:

95-Gallon Carts

4 Cubic Yards
6 Cubic Yards
8 Cubic Yards
$  68.83

For any additional information call 1-706-376-4756.

Regulations for Commercial Pick-ups:

  1. No Construction material should be put in dumpster
  2. No wood, metal or white goods.
  3. Make sure vehicles are not parked in front of dumpster on pick-up days.
  4. Trash should be kept off of the ground around dumpster.

Recycling Information

The City Sanitation Department will set an additional 4, 6, or 8 cubic yard dumpster at commercial sites for recycled cardboard.

Cardboard is picked up at half price.

Tipping Fee and Disposal

Residential and Commercial Solid Waste goes to a county transfer station. The solid waste is weighed on a trailer and moves to a private landfill. Tipping fees are $48.50 a ton.