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Hartwell City Gas Department

City of Hartwell Gas Department

The Gas Department is supervised by Audie Laviolette and consists of 10 personnel.

The Gas Department was established in the 1950's. Since then, the department has provided natural gas service to 2,100 customers in Hartwell and Hart County. 

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Interested in receiving a free gas hot-water heater?

For Existing Customers Only

Dear Homeowner and City Customer:

The City of Hartwell is pleased to bring you an opportunity to lower your utility bill and increase the level of comfort in your home. The City is promoting natural gas water heating by offering a Water Heater Change-Out Program! How will this lower your utility bill and improve your home comfort? When compared to electric water heating, natural gas water heating can save customers hundreds of dollars a year. Over the life of a gas water heater, a customer can realize a savings in the thousands of dollars. In addition to the savings, natural gas water heaters recover or heat much quicker than an electric water heater. That means more hot water for less money.

To help customers begin enjoying the advantages of natural gas water heating, the City will provide you a free natural gas water heater from the local participating dealer of your choice.

Here is how the Water Heater Change-Out Program works:

  1. To qualify, you must be a natural gas customer currently using an electric water heater.
  2. Call City Hall at 706-376-4756 for additional details.
  3. The customer arranges for the installation of the new water heater within thirty days of receipt of the water heater.
  4. The City inspects the installation to ensure the water heater has been installed.
Participating Dealers, Plumbers, and Contractors

Lewis Lumber & Supply Co.  Mc Gee Heating & Air
237 Cleveland Ave. 93 Old 29 Highway
Hartwell, GA 30643 Hartwell, GA 30643
706-376-3288 706-376-7733
Big "M" Ace Hardware Joshua Heating & Air
35 N. Carolina St. 780 South Jackson St.
Hartwell, GA 30643 Hartwell, GA 30643
706-376-3725 706-376-3713
Thornton Appliance Center Cook's Service Company
112 W. Franklin St. 586 Cedar Pond Rd.
Hartwell, GA 30643 Hartwell, GA 30643
706-376-9013 706-376-2896

The City of Hartwell values your business. Our staff will be happy to give you more information about the program.
If you have any questions, call us at 706-376-4756. Click here for Water Heater Change Out Application.


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